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How do you turn a 60% YES vote into a 80% NO vote?


During our first poll we saw that without a "NO" campaign, Initiative 300 would have passed with 60% support. Much of this was due to the misleading language of the initiative. We knew we had a serious job ahead, educating voters about the negative effects 300 would have on the City of Denver.


When all of the votes were tallied, NO on 300 had won more than 81% of the vote -- extraordinary. Almost 146,000 Denverites voted NO on the initiative, stating that allowing people to camp in public spaces is not safe or humane for people experiencing homelessness or the surrounding community.

This victory was a total team effort, from outstanding campaign management to an aggressive field strategy. Our work on digital was a key component of the execution of such a successful campaign. 

Content + Targeting

Effct was able to use a complex, multifaceted digital campaign to reach out to active voters across the City of Denver. Using a network of social media, online and boots-on-the-ground strategies, Effct was able to reach out to Denver voters multiple times in a variety of ways. Here are some of our results:

Quality + Quantity

1.38 Million Voters Reached

543,589 CO voters reached

76,832 people who engaged with our content

6 touches per voter