Everybody Loves Bacon.


When Jennifer Bacon announced her campaign for Denver Public Schools Board of Education, she faced immense challenges. School closures in her district, a well-financed incumbent and a young press-garnering third opponent.

But, Ms. Bacon had deep experience and conviction. We worked with Ms. Bacon and her campaign to show voters her experience as a teacher, administrator, education policy analyst and lawyer. Our sophisticated content calendar, also spotlighted her former pupils' and colleagues' support through #TestimonialTuesday.

Early social media development, allowed Ms. Bacon to pick up critical endorsements and financial support from groups like the Denver Classroom Teachers Association.

Her strong content, including a 70,000 view "About Jen" video led to key endorsements from Mayor Michael Hancock, Senator Angela Williams, and Councilman Albus Brooks. In the final week of the campaign Effct handled the majority of the large paid social media campaign. We A/B tested new videos, and reallocated resources based on the better performer. In total, the whole campaign reached 100,000 people, raking up over 400,000 impressions. All of these individuals were highly targeted based on their voting history, educational philosophy, and overall likelihood to support our candidate.

Election Day our strategy paid off... big time. Jennifer Bacon won by a landslide -- almost 9% of the vote. The people of Denver, it turned out, love Bacon.




Ms. Bacon's margin of victory


District 4 voters reached



impressions made on voters


Percent of the vote Won out of three candidates

Emily Elsenbast.jpg

"Effct was an integral member of our campaign team. From building target audiences, to crafting engaging and on-message content, to adjusting strategy based on real-time data, Effct ensured our digital strategy could compete. In a competitive race, having a strong digital program was critical to our win on election night."

- Emily Elsenbast, Campaign Manager at Jennifer Bacon for Denver Kids

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