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A Foundational Public Information Campaign to Restore a Government Agency’s Funding

Effct teamed up with various partners in 2018 to create an outstanding public information campaign for the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District. The 50-year old government agency performs vital public services, but was virtually unknown. The Welchert Company, which managed the campaign, hired Effct to lead social media for the agency. Together with Frederick Polls, we determined several key messages we wanted to emphasize about the district. Then, Effct made the content interesting and engaging for social media users. We established and grew the Facebook and Instagram pages from 0 to about 3,500 collective followers.

We did that by showing content social media users would love -- beautiful sunsets, impactful District projects happening in the community, wildlife, outstanding opportunities for recreation, and important news happening in the flood control industry. We encourage you to check out some of our work by visiting the District’s channels.


Effct also produced the District’s about video to inform voters about the critical work the agency performs.

In partnership with Revolution Communications our Facebook amassed a massive number of impressions and reach on Facebook and Instagram.

By the Numbers

3 million people reached

18 million impressions


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“Nick and his team took an organization’s mothballed social media presence from 0-60.  Nick was able to seamlessly blend his skill and instincts with the goals and messaging we had established for the client.” 

  • Steve Welchert, Campaign Manager


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The Result

The Flood Control District public information campaign educated voters about the functions of a vital public agency.


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