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We also help highly effective organizations define and reach their marketing goals.


Fundraise for your organization through social media.

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Raise awareness amongst a targeted audience about your organization's work.


Case Study

Semilla Nueva is a non-profit that is working to end malnutrition by getting healthier corn to farmers in Guatemala. Our goal was to increase their social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. Here are our results:


Instagram Followers

The Semilla Nueva Instagram audience increased 10x (115 —> 1,150 followers)
in one month.

Instagram Engagement

We helped the Instagram engagement of Semilla Nueva go up 3.6x.

New Facebook Followers

Facebook Engagement

We helped the organization grow by 305 followers in one month which s a 660% increase from the previous month.

We grew engagement 4.5 times to almost 12,000 engagements in the last 30 days. That’s a 500% increase.

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